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We get asked all the time what are the different supplies we used to build our indoor garden / grow stations so I wanted to do a post to add to our albums so its easy to find for those that are interested. As always if you have questions let me know. Not a pro, just stumbling along learning as I go growing stuff to eat and having a lot of fun doing it. —— ・—— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— Lighting Update: 9/21/2020: I ordered a set of White and a set of Pink LED lights from Amazon. I am currently testing the white set. The pink set worked just as well as my fluorescent lights and so far ( after about 3 weeks of growing ) the white ones are working just as well as both the pink and the fluorescent . The nice thing about the LED lights is they can be chained together so you don't need as many plug in spots plus they are LED so by the very nature of what they are they use less energy. I know the pink ones will grow both tomatoes and cucumbers to full size but I have yet to try the white LEDs. That will happen this winter though. But all 3 sets of different lights easily grow greens of all sizes and microgreens easily. Personally unless you have a closed off room for the pink LEDs I don't recommend them. UGH that light color is annoying if you have it out in your living spaces. I purchased the Pink LED lights on Amazon : Barrina LED Grow Light, 252W(6 x 42W, 1400W Equivalent) 4ft T8, Full Spectrum, V-Shape with Reflector Combo, Linkable Design, Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, 6-Pack (affiliate link) I also purchased the White LED lights on Amazon LED Grow Light Strip, 4ft T8 Grow Light Fixture, 336W(8×42W) Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light, High Output Sunlight Replacement with High PAR for Indoor Plant, 8-Pack (affiliate link) UPDATED 4/18/2021 - The LED lights do work but between the florescent lights and the LED lights I prefer the florescent lights. I will use the white LED Lights because my old house just cant handle a bazillion florescent lights plugged in but if I had a better power grid I would only use the florescent not the LED. The LED are nice that they chain together though. —— ・—— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— LIGHT HOUSING: We just use cheap shop lights I picked up at Lowes with a mix of cool and warm tone bulbs. BULBS: The bulbs are just fluorescent bulbs. We use 48" Garage & Basement Premium Cool White 4100K 2975 Lumens 32 watt for our cool bulbs and we use 48" Work Spaces Bright White 3500K 2975 lumens 32 watt for our warm bulbs. I don't know if these are the "best" tones but everything we have planted with using them so far has grown really well. SHELVING: We bought 3 of these and put them together to make 2 rolling units. Theses shelving units is from Sam's Club : Member's Mark 6-Level Commercial Storage Shelving We now also have one of these from Sams' Club set up too: Seville Classics 5-Level Commercial Shelving with Wheels TIMER: The timer we use is that we picked up at Lowes. Our unit on the left we run from 8am to 11pm. The unit on the right we run from 8am to 1030pm. EXTENSION POWER STRIP: The extension outlet bar we use is I don't know what the "right or correct" supplies to use for everyone. This is just what we put together from putting together various suggestions I found online about growing microgreens. Learning along the way: Florescent Lights generate some heat so be aware that the more of them you have the warmer the space will be that you have them in. Also the more plants you have also ups your humidity level in your house so its just something to be aware of. For our house ( which is really old and not as air tight as I wish it was ) in the Winter we run a dehumidifier. This is the one we have Frigidaire High Efficiency 50-Pint Dehumidifier —— ・—— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— MICROGREEN SEEDS: We currently get all our seeds for growing microgreens from TrueLeafMarket They have a great selection including organic and nonGMO. POTS TRAYS ETC SUPPLIES: We ONLY use trays from now. They are AMAZING! Cost a bit more but they are so much better than the ones you can buy locally. They are thick, don't get holes in them and will last forever. The trays you can get at yoru lcoal nursery or lowes or home depot are around $2 to $3 and the ones I get are around $4 to $5 depending on how many you get but WORTH EVERY PENNY! We have the 10x10 trays the 10x20 trays and the microgreen 5x5 trays and love them all. You can get them on Amazon here but in general I find them all out of stock on there pretty often so now I buy straight from the main website. Great service! —— ・—— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— Here is the link to our Microgreen album if you would like to see more about how we are growing micro greens Here is the link to our indoor gardening album if you would like to see more about how we grow things in the house Here is the link to our gardening album if you would like to see more about what we are up to with growing our own food outside. —— ・—— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— ・ —— Again if you have questions just holler I will do my best to answer them. =0]

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